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About Me

I am a professional Wellness Facilitator and have devoted my life to developing wellness and business. I intend to facilitate guaranteed success through life skills and individual development. As a Reiki Master Teacher, I support and work through blockages to allow a powerful catalyst for change. I have an intricate understanding of the importance of sustainable approaches for human beings seeking self-enabled advancement.

With over forty years of personal development as a Business Owner, Manager, Wellness Facilitator & Holistic Teacher, my key accomplishments are maintaining positive communication and team integration. 

Operating throughout New Zealand and the Asia Pacific Basin has enabled me to utilise working cross-culturally, both professionally and personally. I have worked in the Health and Wellness sector and owned and operated an Organic Health Spa for eleven years in Downtown Auckland and Earth Spa in Ellerslie for 10 years. I feel team and togetherness are an intrinsic part of building positive relationships.

As an entrepreneurial businesswoman and through life experience, I share a depth of knowledge and inspiration to assist you in achieving greatness. This, in turn, delivers a responsibility for each individual to help restore a balance of the human spirit.

Our journey transpires into full participation when we choose a direction that promotes self-awareness, mastery and confident communication.

My passion is to serve through Motivation, Team values, Innovation, Social Awareness, Youth at Risk, Trauma Recovery, Assessment, Value Discovery, Inspirational, Conscious Healing, Visionary Planning, and Credibility Experience.


Flight of the Spirit

As we dive deep into our hearts and begin unravelling the shield and fortress we lace around it, we can experience unconditional love, self-acceptance, compassion, and empathy

Follow me on my intimate story of my life and lessons learnt to assist you in healing and finding deep self love

"I am personally involved in creating my own reality through choice and I send these signals through my Heart Light"
- Jocelyn Oades

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