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As a Reiki Master Teacher it is my desire to foster growth and expression in others without condition, Allowing oneself and others to be happy and present in the moment is the greatest gift we can give.

My Grandmother would practice Rongoa Maori (native fauna herbal preparations- healing with plant based medicines), Mirimiri (massage) and Karakia (prayer) and so from a young age I have been practicing natural healing along with alternative holistic wellness practices and through these healing modalities I have adopted the principals of Reiki into my workshops & daily life as a way of personal development and empowerment. 

Reiki can be given or safely incorporated into any treatment, whether it be massage or a facial, it is lovely to be able to offer a few minutes of Reiki to compete the experience. It is the intention of the recipient for whatever they wish to heal that makes this a powerful catalyst for human development. One does not need to have special talents or be gifted to channel Reiki. It is a process of natural innate & instinctive ability which can be enhanced in anyone. However those who have chosen a path of spiritual gratitude will allow themselves to be in tune with their innate being, and will be a clear channel to allow others to heal for their highest good.

The existence of a powerful energy that flows through all living things has been a part of many cultures since ancient times.
Each culture has their own belief system and when incorporated into natural practices of healing has a profound result. 
Reiki has been in use for thousands of years and can be traced back to the Tibetan monasteries. This culture has been based on the principles of compassion and love for all living things. It not only heals the body but increases ones awareness of the process towards enlightenment & self acceptance.

Reiki translated can be split into two words.

  • Rei: this is used to describe the universal creativity or expression of the god force. It is everything you see, feel, taste, touch and experience. Deep within yourself you may already know and recognise the essence of this.

  • Ki: this is the energy that fuels life. It is the force that emanates from everything. Ki flows through the nadis and channels in our bodies and in our breath, supplying us with our life force energy. It is possible to record Ki on film. If you have ever had an aura photograph taken you will see the electromagnetic energy field around your body and every living thing. This life force energy is responsive to our innermost thoughts and feelings and becomes disrupted when we accept negative patterns and attitudes about over selves. These negative thoughts and feelings attach themselves to our auric field and cause changes in the natural flow of Ki finally diminishing the function of our vital organs.

What is Reiki??
A Reiki treatment feels like a warm glowing radiance that vitalises the whole system. The heart Chakra opens between the healer and the recipient and a feeling of benevolent love is transferred. The Ether wave soothes pain and places you in a deep slumber and the Cosmic wave lifts you into harmony. Because Reiki is an intelligent, harmonic energy it flows though the disrupted parts of the energy field and charges these parts with positive energy allowing every cell in the body to benefit from the healthy flow of life force. The existence of this life force has been verified by many scientific experiments and can be measured several feet above and below the human body. Medical doctors are also interested in the role it plays in helping the physical and mental healing process.


Reiki Training

Reiki levels I, II and III are each taught over 3 evenings or 2 days, with a minimum of a 21 day cycle. Reiki works with the universal energy of source, it allows growth on physical and spiritual pathways which develop unlimited personal potential. Reiki is soothing & healing while lifting you to a state of pure consciousness. Develop powerful ways to ignite your Soul Fire and release past patterns as a Reiki practitioner.
Reiki I -   In person and   Online zoom   $197
Reiki II -  In person and  Online zoom    $247
Reiki III - In person and Online zoom     $297

Online Reiki training Levels I II and III
Reiki Master Teacher - Shinpiden by request
I have been trained by Japanese Reiki Master Teacher - Hyakuten Inamoto of direct 2nd lineage of Mikao Usui ​and 6th lineage. 

To book a Reiki Treatment view Therapies
phone or text 021 275 3787 or email

Reiki Master Teacher

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