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Holistic Therapies with Jocelyn

Atlantean crystal attunement - 1hr, $90
a powerful energy transmission to enhance cellular activity with a deep sense of release and renewal

AromaTouch Technique - $90
Certified trainer and registered practitioner - a clinical and layered pure essential oil application for stress management, immune support, inflammatory response, homeostasis & lymphatic movement

Reiki - 1hr , $70
a technique for stress reduction and relaxation utilizing life force energy to improve health and deliver a more positive state of being

Readings - 1hr, $90
connect with your guides and teachers and experience spiritual guidance to assist with your life's journey

​ZYTO balance - bio feedback scan - up to 1/2 hr $40
every cell in our body is networked together, sending and receiving information to coordinate the millions of functions our body processes every day. ZYTO Hand Cradle measures your body’s galvanic skin response (GSR - an established technology that measures fluctuations in electrical conductivity of the skin).

The innovative ZYTO scan technology will give you a report with information specific to your body’s unique needs - your biological preferences, so you can work with your practitioner to find solutions to support the body nutritionally and naturally restore energy to function to your optimum.

EVOX therapy - Perception Reframing - 1 hr, $120
​EVOX is a computerised system that helps 'reframe' perception. It uses the ZYTO Hand cradle along with voice mapping technology related to health , work, relationships, athletic performance, and other aspects of life. It is used for emotional balancing and in particular for traumatic experiences. EVOX uses a multisensory communication system using light, sound, and electromagnetic media that gently allows a shift in perception. This can be a life changing modality.

​Reiki training with Jocelyn Oades, reiki master teacher
levels I, II and III are each taught over 3 evenings with a minimum of a 21 day cycle. reiki works with the universal energy of source, it allows growth on physical and spiritual pathways which develop unlimited personal potential. reiki is soothing & healing while lifting you to a state of pure consciousness
Reiki I -  Online zoom and in person $197
Reiki II - Online zoom and in person $247
Reiki III - Online zoom and in person $297

Online Reiki training Levels I II and III

children's reiki workshop - approx 1.5hr, $50
ages 6-12 years, reiki for children is experienced as learning to develop your full potential and to be confident in self acceptance

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